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Byerly Boards

Project //
Brand Development and Art Direction

Details //

Established in 2006, Byerly Boards has taken the legendary style of Scott Byerly and combined it with the innovative surf shaping of long time pro surfer Scott Bouchard. Byerly brought Mystery Made on for a fresh take on the brands aesthetic and design direction. With consideration to their previous identity, Mystery Made refocused their look and has given a facelift to their overall direction. Whether it's advertising, product development, or board graphics, we're stoked on the opportunity to watch this brand grow and mature. Byerly Boards truly is what a brand should be, build from the roots of it's core.

Detail // Brand Evolution & Identity

Detail // Catalog Spread

Detail // Brand Advertising

Detail // Surfer Graphic Development

Detail // Butch Customs Logo

Detail // Brand Style Guide & Usage

Detail // Catalog Binding Spread

Detail // Catalog Board Spread

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