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Hyperlite Wakeboards

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Brand Art Direction

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Hyperlite is one of those clients that has given us so much freedom. They continually ask Mystery Made to push the envelope creatively, focusing on keeping their industy fresh and innovative. We've been fortunate to grow with them, develop with them, and drive their Marketing, Graphics and Products needs. Offering them full Art direction in Photography, Board Graphics, Print and beyond, we continue to work hand in hand with them, not only as a viable resource, but as partners and friends.

Detail // Marketing Campaign & Photo Direction

Detail // Marketing Print Campaign 1

Detail // Marketing Print Campaign 2

Detail // Marketing Collateral & Photo Direction

Detail // Digital Brand Experience

Detail // Product Design & Photography 1

Detail // Product Design & Photography 2

Detail // Wakeboard Graphics & Photography

Detail // Graphic Details & Photography 1

Detail // Graphic Details & Photography 2

Detail // Wakeboard Graphics Collection 1

Detail // Wakeboard Graphics Collection 2


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